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Ear, Nose, Throat Problems: Healing andPrevention

A blocked nose, swallowing difficulty, airway infections, mouth breathing, a sagged face, snoring, etc.

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Breathing, speaking, or swallowing difficulties: facial and throat issues

Everywhere in the world there are people with breathing, speaking or swallowing difficulties. These difficulties belong to ear, nose and throat (ENT) healthcare. We all encounter an ENT problem at least once in our lifetime.

Most of us, however, don't recognize the problem as such, or you might not find it severe enough for treatment. When leaving untreated, the minor issue could become a major problem.

First you need to recognize your problem and then try to get rid of it.

Hyoid Support has developed a technique that trains good habits for  breathing, swallowing and speaking, that will solve the problem.

Hyoid Support works for the following problem areas

Breathing Difficulty

Stuffiness, dry mouth, irritated airways, mouth breathing, etc.?

Swallowing Problems

Pain when swallowing, choking, swallowing difficulty, etc.?

Speaking Issues

Hoarseness, snoring, voice disorders or wrong use of voice, etc.?

Crooked Teeth

Teeth decay, bad breath, cavities, etc.?

Respiratory Tract Infections

Prone to cold, flu, sore throat, respiratory tract infection, etc.?

A Sagged Face

Drooping eye corners, a double chin, weak cheekbones, etc.?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I find the HYOID courses?

The courses are Ebooks. There are 6 English Ebooks available, see Training in the Menu Bar.

When will I reach the aimed result?

It depends on the problem and the speed of adapting the new technique. New habits must replace old ones.

Do I need to follow all the courses?

1 Course should do. Most courses are related to each other, so it is not wrong to follow some more courses.

Why is this method only now on the market?

It has been discovered recently.

Is a course ebook a one-time-purchase?

Yes, you pay once and then it is 24/7 accessible.

Is a course ebook a one-time-purchase?

Yes, you pay once and then it is 24/7 accessible.

Do I pay the same amount per ebook if I buy more ebooks?

No, the more ebooks you buy, the more discount.

I can't find the answer to my question. How can I reach you?

You can fill out the contact form or write an email. We try to reply within 24 hours.


About Hyoid Support

Hyoid Support was founded in 2018 and draws followers from all over the world. The method ha been developed in the course of more than 10 years, in an attempt to answer the question whether one can solve ENT problems oneself. The hyoid bone and muscles turned out to be the key area for research. A great deal of our functioning is determined by the positioning of the hyoid bone. When not used correctly, breathing, swallowing and speaking will be difficult. This unique training programme offers you training of the hyoid area, so as to solve ENT problems in a natural way.

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